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Rehabilitation system «Tutor»

Rehabilitation system «Tutor» (Meditouch, Israel) is recognized as the best equipment in the world for restoring the movements in the paralyzed limbs after a stroke.

Rehabilitation system "Tutor"

The work principle of this unique equipment is based on biofeedback.

In the «Neurological Clinic of Dr. Yatsenko» this unique equipment, in a complex of other best world methods of rehabilitation after a stroke, helps people who have suffered a stroke at the prime of their life, when everything was just to start, to return to a full life.

Rehabilitation system "Tutor"

What is Tutor?


consists of two main components. The first one is a device with position and speed sensors that evaluates the severity of the lesion. The second one is a computer that processes information received from sensors and develops movements restoring plan that is individual for each patient.


Is available in several modifications (ArmTutor, HandTutor, LegTutor, 3D-Tutor), which help to restore not only movements in the limbs, but also to normalize patients’ coordination of movements, concentration, ability to plan and self-control.


3 hours of everyday treatment in the clinic


The duration of the course is 30 hours


Therapy requires 10 days for the full course

The duration of the CI Therapy in the Neurological Clinic of Dr. Yatsenko is 30 hours (3 hours every day during 10 days in the clinic)


This therapy activates the neuroplasticity of the brain, which helps the brain to «self-reorganize» in such a way that healthy neurons take care of the work of cells which died due to a stroke. Thanks to this reorganization, immobile limbs (even years after the stroke) begin to move.



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